Services - Tactical and Strategic Fulfilment

Tactical and Strategic Fulfilment

We have a dedicated, in-house packing department that can satisfy a wide range of fulfilment and packing procjects. Our experienced team can provide a bespoke service for each activity, typical examples include:

  • Strategic 'Pick and Pack'

    This service fulfils any ad-hoc packing request under the terms of a contractual agreement for a minimum of one year. It is most suitable where promotional material is required on a regular basis- requests can arrive from store/customer level, through a third party or from client account handlers and can be received via a hotline, email, on-line capture or facsimile. We can offer this service with on-site storage and despatch facilities, which enables the entire activity to be conducted in-house with a consistent operative and management team.

  • Tactical Kit Collation

    The most popular service that we provide entails the collation, packing and distribution of point-of-sale (POS) kits for tactical merchandising activities. We can accommodate any type of POS/display material, including posters, leaflets, dummy products, shelf strips, flat packs, booklets, DVDs, etc.

  • Multiple Identical Kits

    Where a tactical merchandising activity involves field staff visiting multiple outlets to place POS material for a specific promotion/product, and the number of calls each merchandiser makes determines the number of kits that they receive, our brief would be to pack identical kits with one kit per call. In this instance, the contents of the kits are fixed - for example every kit includes 2 x posters, 2 x shelf strips and 100 leaflets. Once packed, we will distribute the kits directly to the merchandisers. We can accommodate large flat-packed FSDUs and dumpbins in tactical merchandiser kits/deliveries.

  • Multiple Non-Identical Kits

    Where the merchandiser is visiting multiple outlets with POS kits, but each kit is specific to the outlet and so there is variation across the activity. In this instance, field staff would need to receive kits packed with non-uniform or ‘bespoke’ contents with clear labelling to distinguish between kit types. A merchandiser may receive one kit with 2 posters and 100 leaflets, and one kit with 1 poster and 50 leaflets. We have fast, accurate packing staff who can achieve this and distribute them accordingly.

  • Goody Bags / Sample Packs

    A service that is often used to encourage the take-up of a free gift or the distribution of promotional material at a one-off event/during a roadshow; we can put together ‘goody bags’ containing complimentary gifts for the consumer. These typically contain 5 - 10 items ranging from magazines, leaflets and posters to small toys and t-shirts. We can source and provide a range of packaging (polythene bags to small boxes) either plain or branded.

  • Heat Sealed Packing

    We operate two industrial heat sealers / shrink wrapping machines for the polythene wrapping of promotional kits or small items (e.g. books / CDs / DVDs in cardboard outers). This provides a retail quality finish for your giveaway/sample product.

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